Victory in Christ International Ministries is an evangelical ministry with the purpose of carrying the gospel of Christ from local communities to the nations of the world. The gospel is the good news that God loves mankind and gave His only son to die on the cross to reconcile man back to God. On the cross the penalty of sin was completely paid for and anyone who receives God's perfect gift of salvation stands justified before God. 


We were buried with Him. The bible makes this very clear that everyone through faith can identify with his burial that they were buried with Christ. (Romans 6:4)

Missions Trip to Uganda -  Jinja Town and Kibuutu Village

Christ Died:

The penalty of sin was completely satisfied. The bible makes this very clear that Christ died to pay the penalty for sin. When Christ died--we died with Him. (Romans 6:8 

Christ resurrected From The Dead:

The joy of the resurrection is that we were raised with Christ. As a result of the resurrection we are begotten of God and have received the very life of God. (Ephesians 2:4-6)